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PREDATOR EXPERIENCE is a young highly motivated company founded by Daniel Ashman and Dee Ashman. Their collective 50 years experience of professional bird of prey and animal management equip them to offer bird of prey management, handling, falconry and raptor care for both domestic and wild birds. Daniel and Dee pride themselves offering unforgettable, thrilling interactive experience involving a variety of predators.

Promoting the conservation of birds of prey and other predators through experiential education. Inspiring public to protect bio-diversity for the future. Aid wild populations by promoting positive raptor management and research.



Dee Ashman was born and raised in Pennybridge. While still a police officer, with the Cumbria Constabulary, Dee’s life was transformed when she attended a falconry experience day, which inspired her. She then trained to become a falconer and left the force to pursue a career in Falconry.

For three years Dee worked closely with the Hawk Board and Lantra, co-opted to the education committee to produce the ‘Beginning Falconry Award’. This was a historically ground breaking project, as it is the first nationally recognised falconry award. In turn this has helped to improve standards, and provide an avenue of learning for all, a cause close to her heart. Dee is also one of a very small number of female falconers in the country who regularly handle and fly eagles. Dee has run a successful falconry centre in Lancashire for seven years and has much experience of multi organisational cooperation.


Daniel Ashman was born in Solihull, West Midlands. His life’s passion for birds of prey began at the tender age of nine years after his initial introduction to birds of prey upon visiting his first falconry centre. Daniel, bought his first bird when he was twelve years old, following an intensive and professionally run course.

He has been a professional falconer all his working life, and has extensive knowledge in the care and handling of reptiles and snakes. He was the manager of a successful falconry centre in the Cotswolds for two years before leaving to start his own enterprising business, known as Flying Visit’s. Daniel’s experience of display, presentation and corporate work is extensive. His flying team includes a variety of different species, but his main passion is for eagles.

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