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PREDATOR EXPERIENCE is successfully operated by co-directors, Daniel and Dee Ashman, established in 2009. Their collective 50 years of professional bird of prey experience, predatory animal management and psychological study, equip them to offer, falconry management courses, handling, raptor care for both domestic and wild birds and mammals. Daniel and Dee pride themselves by offering quality, thrilling interactive experiences for their guests. They have delivered entertaining public presentations for much of their professional careers, involving a variety of natural predators all within in a safey managed and natual environment.


        Experience, Education and Resource centre for natural predators.

“Promoting the conservation of birds of prey and other natural predators through experiential education. Inspiring public to protect bio-diversity for the future. Aid wild populations by promoting positive raptor management, research and anilmal welfare”

Predator Experience is located on its own private five acre site. Within the stunning Lake District National Park, one mile south of Lake Windermere, south Cumbria, UK.

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