Exciting new plans revealed

5th May 2019

EXCITING NEW PLANS REVEALED. For us it’s all about YOUR Experience, from the moment you arrive to departure. Helping to improve our facility for guests and our animals.  Creating a World Class Visitor Attraction within the newly awarded status of UNESCO world heritage site, the Lake District National Park. #WeAreTheLakes

Our planned new facility, will help to create new employment opportunities and contribute 1.1million annually to the local economy, as an year around, all weather attraction. Including interactive educational indoor animal viewing rooms into enclosures, conference and meeting facilities, specialist animal hospital, reception waiting area with souvenir opportunities, toilets, office space, eating areas, 24hour staff facilities, animal housing and equipment storage.  These plans have now been presented in front of a planning inspectorate, by means of a public enquiry, held on the 13.5.2019. WE ARE NOW PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE HAVE BEEN AWARDED PLANNING CONSENT, AS OF 11.6.19. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT THROUGH IS PROSSESS.   WATCH THIS SPACE!!


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