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Evolution is an amazing process. ‘The Predator Experience’ is a journey off down a different path. During this experience we focus on the varied and highly developed skills of the reptile and tarantula families. Specialist body design and super senses, we look at how and why they are equipped with the tools they have, and how they survive living life on the edge.


The natural behavior of these predators is one of the most misunderstood secrets of the natural world. Media and myth have instilled much fiction and we would like you to experience for yourself the inaccuracy of our human perceptions.

Bio-diversity relies on us caring about all the creatures which live in a finely tuned eco-system. Opening up a rarely seen world, we would like to show you, whilst sensitively handling our friendly team of snakes and tarantulas just how fascinating the cultural beliefs surrounding them are, and personable they can be.

The reptiles you may meet are ‘Zorro’ & ‘Zeta’ the Honduran Milk Snakes, ‘Slider’ the Common Boa, ‘Chester’ the Royal Python, ‘Amber’ the Corn Snake, Charlotte’ our pink Chile Rose Tarantula and ‘Tango’ our Mexican Red Knee Tarantula.

‘The Predator Experience’ is 3/4 hr Hawk Walk and 3/4 hr Snake and Tarantula handling.

Available all year. Suitable for all the family.

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1 HOUR 30 MINS: £80 per person
1 HOUR 30 MINS: £190 Family Ticket (2 Adults 2 Children)




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