Puppy Socialisation Sessions

  • £185 per person
  • Pack Membership required for booking!
  • 9am & 3pm start times for September and October
  • 10am & 2:30pm start times for November and December
  • Each session will last 45 minutes
  • Up to 6 people can attend a single session

Welcome to our new exciting Puppy Socialisation Sessions (limited time only). This experience is as much for the puppies, as it is for our guests! There will be time to interact with the puppies on a social level, puppies love a fuss! There will be large amount of educational play, toys, and fun elements, as well as walking. There will be opportunity to walk a puppy on a leash, and time walking with them off leash. It will be fun, it will be wild and it will be puppy crazy! Imagine baby wolf howls!!

Our wolf handler will chat about the life and social development of wolf puppies on this experience. It’s all about the puppies!

Please be aware that puppies are energetic, and exuberant, if that isn’t what you have in mind, then this isn’t the experience for you. An adult Walking with Wolves would be more suitable for you to enjoy.

There is a maximum six guests per session In September and October there will be three puppies on the session, and in November and December there will be two puppies per experience.

There is a strict 16yrs minimum age restriction on this experience.

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