Predator Experience Terms & Conditions contract of sale.

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*Legal Duty of consumer care and awareness*

Predator Experience Terms and Conditions are legally mandatory, and exists to protect the interests of all parties from point of sale. Serving to legally safe guard the consumer, guests, staff and animals as well as ensuring our guests have a safe and enjoyable visit. Therefore agreeing to these terms at point of sale, the comsumer accepts these terms. The laws of England shall govern these Terms and Conditions of Sale and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We are required by law to inform you that sales can be concluded in English only and that no public filing requirements apply. The following Terms & Conditions are verified by Cumbria trading standards.

Openness and clarity.  Links to these T&Cs are displayed on the website, email correspondence, literature and booking confirmation,  and agreed to at point of sale.

PLEASE NOTE: Coronavirus, please see. 1.16.

1.1 Bookings
Bookings can be made by phone, email. All booking must be in advance. Payment must be received at the time of booking, unless previously agreed with the directors. Dates will not be held until payment has been received in full.  Booking conformation and directions are provided prior to the date of visitation, upon receipt of payment and/or voucher bookings using the contact information provided by voucher holder/ purchaser, via email.  Note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser/ voucher holder to ensure that all booking conformation and directions are received and read before the visitation. See 1.7

1.2 All experiences are by appointment only. If guests do not arrive for any given experience, for the agreed date or time then no refund or loss adjustment will be given and experience will be lost. For public health and safely reasons late arriving guests cannot be admitted, once an experience has started. Important: Therefore it is advised that guests arrive, fifteen minutes before an experience is due to start. Predator Experience cannot admit casual visitors without a booking or late arrivals.

1.3 A guest may reschedule a previously booked experience if one months notice is given between notification of cancellation and the date the experience was scheduled.  If one months notice is not given, the experience will be lost and no refund will be given.  Predator Experience cannot be held responsible for any changes in customer personal circumstances.

1.4 Refunds for experiences outside of statutory time will not be given. Predator Experience gift vouchers can not be exchanged for cash or part cash. Predator Experience does not except vouchers from other third party organisations. Refunds that fall within statutory time, will be refunded upon receipt of any vouchers “the product”, being returned. Your statutory rights are unaffected. link –     

1.5 Mutual Polite policy Predator Experience maintains a zero tolerate approach towards coercion or verbal abuse towards it’s staff members or corporate sabotage and slander. (inc. social media, mobile texting, publications and emails ) legal / civil action may be taken and maybe used as evidence. Predator Experience reserves the right to void vouchers without refund if paragraph 1.5 is violated due to threatening or inappropriate behaviour. Please also see related paragraph 1.26 

1.6 Phone calls enquires may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

1.7 Booking confirmation will be sent via email at the time of booking, it is the responsibility of the client to inform Predator Experience if the information has not been received, in appropriate time to enable a replacement to be sent.

1.8 Predator Experience reserves the right to reschedule any experience due to adverse or unsuitable weather conditions for the experiences, that has been booked.  Any birds of prey or animal experiences may be rescheduled due extreme heat or unsuitable flying conditions due to weather, on the terms of animal welfare and public safely. Unfortunately travel and accommodation expenses cannot be reimbursed. Refunds are not given due to poor weather conditions.

1.9 Predator Experience will not be held responsible for any injury or damage to property, as advised  at the time, prior the safety briefing and advice from animal handlers. If a animal handler feels that an individual’s actions could compromise the safety of guests whilst on an experience of the individual, staff or livestock the handler will end the experience for that individual without refund or exchange.

1.10 Predator Experience reserves the right to cancel any event booking or experience with immediate affect, without refund, due to inappropriate behaviour or abuse towards Predator Experience staff, livestock, property and other guests. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not addmited onto site.

1.11 Predator Experience is not a walk around public zoo. Therefore guests are not permitted to walk around freely on site without staff supervision. Health and safety regulations apply.

1.12 Health and safety.  Having been informed of impact levels and required fitness level and the necessary suitable clothing requirements. Predator Experience is not responsible for any persons ill health or physical condition whilst taking part on any of our experiences and the experience cannot be re-run or refunded. If a guest leaves for any reason, once an experience had commenced, they we not be permitted to re-join the experience and the experience with be lost without refund.  

1.13 Predator Experience is not responsible for any unsupervised children on any of our events under the age of 16yrs. Children aged between 4yrs-16yrs must be accompanied by a full paying adult. 0-4yrs no charge. Minimum Age 16 restrictions can apply to specific experiences, including wolf experiences, see website details. 

1.14 Pregnancy

Pregnant women and women who have given birth within the previous six months are not permitted to take part in any experiences due to the health and safety risks. It is the recipients responsibility to be aware of this, at time of agreeing to these terms upon booking.

1.15 When a specific date and time are required by the customer, and payment is made before contacting Predator Experience, any costs of refund, due to inability to meet the booking time and date requested, will be deducted from the full fee amount refunded to the customer.

1.16 GOVERNMENT IMPOSTED HEALTH RESTRICTIONS.  Predator experience can not be held responsible for any, temporary, nationally or locally imposed government or animal health restrictions i.e., Avian Influenza,  Foot & Mouth or TB viruses which are out side of Predator Experience’s control. Although these restrictions are rare, experiences booked within these time restrictions may be affected. As a result, guests will be notified and experiences booked in, and vouches will be rescheduled, but not refunded. Only when absolutely necessary, visitors may be subject to on site bio-security prevention measures on entry.

1.17 Gift Vouchers On receipt of your gift voucher, it may be returned for a full refund, within 14 days.
Gift vouchers will be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving payment, dependent upon weekends and bank holidays.

Gift vouchers may be up-graded, further participants or observers can also be arranged with prior notice and payment having been received. Observer purchases are only possible with a paid participant. Note: Paid observer place are only available on certain experiences offered.  

1.18 (Please keep your gift voucher in a safe place.) Gift vouchers are your physical passport to access your experience. The original gift voucher/s must be brought on the day of the booked experience in exchange for the experience provided. If the voucher is not in attendance the event will not be provided and a refund will not be given.  Predator Experience is not responsible for any misplaced vouchers. In the event of not being able to provide the number listed on the voucher and bring the voucher on the day of the experience, the experience is lost with no refund.  It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the details of vouchers purchased on booking an experience.  Bookings where voucher numbers have not been submitted will not be confirmed.  If purchased vouchers have not been delivered, within seven days of purchase, it is the customers responsibility to contact Predator Experience and notify of lack of delivery.

1.19 Due to demand and to avoid disappointment, it is advised not too leave vouchers to close to the date of expiry! Vouchers are valid for twelve months only, from purchase, subject to mutual availability. The expiry date, is listed on each voucher. By discretion of the company, an extension of the voucher for six months may be purchased for a one off set fee. If an extension has been offered, this must be carried out whilst the voucher is still within the validation date listed on the original voucher. Vouchers can not be extended beyond this date. Predator Experience does not guarantee any specific date. Weekend experiences are not guaranteed on any voucher.  On this basis, advanced early booking is essential. Obtaining a date for the experience before the expiry date, is the responsibility of the voucher holder. The experience MUST be taken BEFORE the expiry date.  There is no ability to book to take the experience beyond the expiry date shown on the voucher.  No responsibility will be accepted by Predator Experience.   Refunds will not be given. Voucher code, expiry date, number of participants, type of experience, company contact details and terms and conditions notice are all displayed on gift vouchers. T&C’s are linked on all communication Emails, vouchers and website for customer awareness.

1.20 Predator Experience advantage cards are not applicable during a promotional sales.

1.21 Donated Charity Vouchers

Gift vouchers that have been donated by Predator Experience for the soul purpose of charitable gain or auction, can not be redeemed in high season (March-August inclusive), at weekends or during school holiday periods.  Predator Experience is not responsible for the price paid for the voucher at such third party events and all other T&C’s apply.

1.22 Smoking Policy.  Predator Experience adopts a No Smoking policy (Inc.Vapouring) on site and during all experiences.

1.23 Property / clothing
Having given prior instruction and notice.  Predator Experience is not responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicle or personal property during any experience,  i.e camera’s and phones are aloud, but are at the owners risk.  For health, safety and welfare, suitable, appropriate outdoor or old clothing should be worn for the nature of the animal experience and time of year, in order to access the experiences.  Lost and found property will be held for 30 days. After which time, if the item is not claimed, the property will be disposed. If the item needs to be returned, then the cost of postage and insurance will be charged to the recipient. 

1.24 Carpark and access.  Car parking is free and is for the benefit on visitors only. Cars parked at the owners risk.  Driving on and off site, is accessed along a short public bridleway, (max 5mph limit should be observed at all times.)

1.25 Media / Photography

Filming and photography on experiences is permitted for personal use only and not for public viewing or financial gain, unless by prior authorised agreement. All Predator experience website content is subject to copyright protection and is prohibited for use by third parties. Predator experience is not responsible for third party promotional content. Including information, photos and advertised/ displayed elsewhere or external web links on websites which may mislead or be outdated content. Website content, logos and branding subject to copyright.

CCTV is in operation on site.

1.26 Customer web reviews

Predator Experience encourages legitimate visitor reviews on third party review websites in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of sale. Unjustified reviews that seeks to maliciously harm or coerced Predator Experience will be reviewed and further legal action may be taken. Please also see related paragraph 1.5

1.27 Pets

Predator Experience is not responsible for visitors pets. For reasons of welfare, health and safety and bio-security. Predator Experience operates a policy of No dogs / any pets beyond the car parking area. Pets are not permitted to join any Experiences. Pet food (i.e dog treats etc) is not permitted to be brought onto experiences or fed to animals owned by predator experience.

1.28 Food / Drinks

For health and safety. Food and drinks must not be consumed or carried whilst participating on experiences. Unless for medical proposes with prior consent from Predator Experience staff.

1.29 Disabilities

Predator Experience maintains a equal access policy for all, where practically possible without compromise to the health and safely of guests and animal welfare. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, all physical or mental disabilities must be declared at the time of booking, in order to accommodate any needs. (Depending on the severity of a disability, some experiences may deviate from description as sold, to accommodate your requirements and to maintain public safety, due to the nature and size of the animal ) Normal cost structure applys as advertised.

1.30 Memberships

Memberships fee’s, do not include access to any experiences advertised, (Experience prices are additional.) Memberships are valid for 12mths.

1.31 If a guest leaves during an experience, they we not be permitted to re-join the experience. Minimum participant age restriction of 16 Yrs old applies for all experiences.

Predator Experience ltd, is governed by the Zoo licensing act 1981 and holds the appropriate licence to publicly operate.  

All prices advertised include VAT.

Reg. VAT Number: 337363493

Last update:  2023.

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