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Established in 2009, Predator Experience specialises in Bird and Animal Experiences. The visitor group sizes are kept small and experiences are focused around the animals, natural behaviour, the roles of top predators and conservation.  

The National Resource and Experience Centre for the Conservation Awareness of Natural Predators, ‘Predator Park’.  Located in the hamlet of Ayside within the Lake District National Park, ‘Predator Park’  is situated within its own, private five acres Site.  Enjoying a stunning view of Coniston mountain range.  The centre is not open to casual visitors, experiences are pre-booked, small group sizes.  This ensures safe, high quality, and ethical welfare standards for our animal family.

The quality of your experience is of the utmost priority.  Therefore, Predator Experience does not work with mass market, budget discount sites such as Groupon, Buy a Gift, Virgin or IntoTheBlue.  The only way to visit, is to Make a booking directly and receive the un-compromised quality experience you deserve!

Predator Experience was nationally voted the nations No.1 best magic moment, for the 30th anniversary of BBC Countryfile, “Howling with wolves”, Wolf Experience.  Also featuring on BBC Antique’s Road Trip,  ITV Countrywise, and Quest Red,  National Geographic, The Guardian and many national radio and print publications.

Join us, as we take you on a journey. Venturing into their amazing natural world, as they share their lives, with us, through their eyes!!

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