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To motivate your workforce to be cutting edge, fresh and innovative, we challenge your team to achieve with our team! Humans have been seeking inspiration from nature for centuries. We have developed our modern world from the influence of evolution in nature. We have applied the physics of many animals to improve our technological life. Bring your delegates to us in the heart of the Lake District and be equally inspired by how we can realise your teams potential from the behaviour of the wild.

Predator Experience has a wide range of birds or prey, reptiles and mammals. Our team offer the perfect avenue to provide a wide range professionally delivered activities, with developmental target specific goals. These are the goals we currently cover, if what you want isn’t on the list, then tell us and we will design an activity to achieve just what you need.

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with conflict and resolution
  • Comfort zones
  • Focus

It’s not all about development though. You want to thank the staff who make your business what it is. Maybe simply was a stress busting away day would be just what everyone needs. We can arrange the ideal package to meet your needs. Whilst the activities we offer are delivered in a professional manner, you will find your partner for the day welcoming and willing, making your event a success. Accommodation can be arranged to suit the highest or lowest budget.


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